I’m tired


I’m tired.


Like really tired.


I am tired of getting on Facebook and seeing sweet sonogram pictures of others babies and crying for 30 minutes

I am tired of  not getting to have sex with my husband because it’s too soon

I am tired of seeing an email for a stroller sale and thinking about how I don’t need a stroller anymore

I am tired of worrying about if we will ever have a baby

I am tired of seeing the pain and worry in my husband’s face about me daily

I am tired of reading statistics of this happening again and reading articles to see if we should go in for testing

I am tired of worrying about this- since you know I cannot change any of it


I am not fine, I am not ok and I am nowhere near healed. But I am tired.  I am also blessed.


So for the next little bit I am going to focus on the good.


Spending the holidays with my family

Doing the 24 days of togetherness with Duane

Spending the weekend after Christmas at a fancy hotel with the love of my life

Going to Vegas with great friends

Training for a half marathon and making my body stronger for if






Monday was a hard day.  We went to the doctor and found out that our little sweet baby that was 8 weeks old no longer had a heartbeat.  I am heartbroken. I am mad. I am sad. I am numb.

I feel cheated.

I could go into details but I that isn’t the point the point is I lost my sweet baby.  I will forever think about that little life growing in me that is no more.

I loved my  little baby.

lost in sadness,



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Why Whole 30?! The Background

This month D and I are going to follow the Whole30 program. I am going to be honest- we have gotten lazy, and we have gained weight. Yep- the Fords need to get it together.

I bought the book It Starts with Food about a year ago read part of it and then spent a million nights on the road and I forgot about the program until I saw an Instagram post about it! Thanks NherShoes!

I knew we had been diving off the deep in of unhealthy. After the wedding I was tired, like really tired- I had hit the gym for months with the only motivation of not looking like a white fluffy marshmallow in my wedding dress. While I felt like a million bucks on my wedding day it really was a bad habit- when I didn’t have the dress to think about getting into I decided the couch was easier than my nightly gym sessions.

Now I hate to make excuses but that is what I am going to do. I started a new job on June 9, and wow a new job is HARD. Like really really hard- I gained a commute of 30-45 minutes each way, ALL new functions, co-workers and boss. I love my new job and really think it was a great move for our family and my career. BUT it still isn’t easy! I was tired, stressed and trying to ya know not suck at being a wife. ß having a house with 3 dogs to keep alive is quite difficult! OMG how do people with children survive? Ok end my whining session :)

I almost cried when I got on the scale last night- it was the final nail in the coffin. My pants don’t fit and the ones that do are uncomfortable I knew I had gain but I wasn’t sure how much whelp it was a lot… like almost 20 pound (our scale had been broken for about 2 months). HOLY CRAP. After I cried and made D promise he would love me no matter what I decided we needed a change.

I grabbed my book last night and a couple other Paleo cook books and meal planned (another post Coming!) This was starting now and I convinced my husband to get on board with me. We need to reset our bodies and really start working on healthy.

This time D and I really need to commit- part of the reason why I am doing this publicly! We have a lot going on and I don’t want to be 30 and have crazy aches and pains. I want to be the girl that runs half marathons (or dare I say full?!) and works out daily goes on more walks and less time with the TV. We want a family and I want to be healthy for our future kids. So here it goes 30 days of awesome!


The Weekender

Weekends that I actually have D home and we don’t have a ton to do have been rare this summer!

This weekend we were halfway busy but it was perfect. Saturday for whatever reason my eyes opened promptly at 5:30. My body laughed as I tried to force myself back to sleep- why is it always the weekends when I actually want to get out of bed?!

Anyway after 45 minutes of Facebook, blogs and pintrest I realize I should be productive and get my workout in before the day became madness.

I tried this guy first for a run


We made it about 2 minutes before he realized we were not getting in the car and he was going to have to work. After 3/4 of a mile I was tired of dragging him along so I went and got my little ball of energy!


Over all I managed 3 miles before I headed home to get ready for volunteering!

I bribed D out of bed with the promise of starbucks and puppies. We headed to Opperation Kindnessa no kill animal shelter in Carrolton.

We toured the property where animals come to be adopted into a forever home. They never kill an animal for space and offer medical care to all animals in need.

I tried to get my sister this cat:


She looked just like one we had growing up!

D and I of course said we would do whatever and were quickly given a leash and told to grab a dog and walk! We also stopped and played with the puppies we were walking and gave them a lot of love. This little girl ALMOST came home with us.


She fell in love with Duane and it was so hard to put her back for her nap. We then proceeded to help paint a bridge on the dog walking path. It was a blast and I was so grateful my new company out this event together for us!

We grabbed a bite to eat and about 15 gallons of water- who knew 3 hours of dog walking in the Texas heat makes you THIRSTY!

Our afternoon was boring house stuff like me folding laundry and trying to wipe off things. Duane mowed the yard- it was so very suburban of us :)

Saturday night we ordered pizza and watch my AGGIES!!! ( we won) then about 17 episodes of wicked tuna

D is obsessed- I am going to take him to the Northeast just because of this show. But honestly I think he just likes the accents…

Sunday we did the grocery thing and the bath the dog thing. <---- be so jealous of my life!!

Then we watched football ALL DAY. Actually there were some good games on and the Cowboys sucked it up as usual.


Bogey didn’t care about the game just his bone and I have a little dog that really wants beer..


I fell asleep early and it was glorious!!!!

How was your weekend?!

Football yay or nay?

Dinner Snuggles & Things I am Loving II

We are so lazy on week nights that we have together and usually end up doing a date night on Tuesday rather than Friday. You should all try this because you never have to wait and usually restaurants have good drink specials too!  We headed to La Hacienda Ranch for fajitas and margs!

They sat us in the most ginormous booth possible- I decided the hostess just wanted us to snuggle during dinner <—– Duane did not agree and was more interested in the chips… (ok it was me that really wanted the chips- they are just SO good here!)


5-28-2014 7-58-59 AM

We stuffed our faces and talked about how we should have gone to the gym before dinner.  The food was excellent as always and points for the service- the waiter was amazing.

5-28-2014 7-58-49 AM

After dinner we did a few chores around the house (does it ever end?) and then found some random show about snakes taking over the U.S.  It was totally terrifying and I am so happy that I do not live in Florida!

I made a list of things that I am currently loving right now so here they are!

1. Maxi Dresses 

Umm hello this is basically like wearing PJ’s all day but it looks like a dress. I love whoever invented these and made them popular- I also don’t have to shave to wear them! <— just a little Thursday TMI for ya! I bought a few for our honeymoon and some long skirts I foresee this being my entire wardrobe all summer long.  They are so appropriate for any occasion and can be dress up with jewelry or a scarf.  I have a black one that gets the most wear but I am digging this one from Kohls.

5-27-2014 11-39-04 AM


2. Flavored Water 

Since I started my garden and have lots of fresh herbs on hand I really have been trying to spice up my water so I can drink more. I love regular water but sometimes I get sided tracked and forget to guzzle the good stuff. The flavor taste better right when I make it (to me) so I end up drink it all and not forgetting!  My favorite combos right know are Strawberry & Basil (pictured) and Lime & Mint!

5-27-2014 11-43-19 AM


3. Elk Antlers 

No I am not cooking some weird dish this week they are for the dogs!  I was talking to my MIL about how much Bogey eats everything hats, sunglasses, remotes, bras, socks- I mean EVERYTHING..  The little stinker just wants to chew however regular rawhide bones (the big ones) might last us the night.  The rawhide also doesn’t work for sensitive tummy Arnold- he gets SICK for days.

So I stopped buying rawhide bones because they don’t last, are expensive and I got really tired of cleaning up stomach continents! But Bogey still wanted to chew on everything- ugh!  She suggested getting him an Elk Horn and seeing how he does with that! D bought three of them- NOT cheap but so far he has really liked it and no tummy issues from Arnold. Now if I could only get Sophia to stop hiding them all in the couch…

5-27-2014 11-47-45 AM



 4. Coupons 

I know, I know I would love to be one of those ladies on Extreme  Couponing but I just don’t think that will ever be us. I can see how having 47 bottles of laundry soap would be useful but the 120 packets of potatoes ugh gross.  All couponing for food isn’t bad however! I found the Kroger app and many times they have their organic brand on sale and always seem to have some type of fruit and veggies marked down.  I have really started to look at the weekly flyer and find when chicken is on sale then buy 2 or 3 packages then freeze part of them!  D really likes cereal so I buy him a ton when they are buy one get one free! I also try to seek out coupons like toilet paper and paper towels- things we will always need! I wait until they are on sale then find a coupon as well- boom instant savings!  When I do these simple little things they really seem to add up- I saved over 25 dollars on my last trip.


5-27-2014 2-56-23 PM



What are you loving this week?

Tell me your Thursday workout!





Let’s Talk Yoga

I have mentioned a few times how obsessed I am now with a hot yoga class I have been taking so after doing it for about a week I wanted to give a few more details!

My workout buddy that convinced me to try the train wreck that was Zumba class text me and said she couldn’t make it to our usual 6:30 spin class.  I was like nooooooo but she told me she was going to an intro yoga class at Sunstone Yoga and asked if I wanted to join her- of course I was like sure! <—- I am a sucker for anything new – ya only live once right?

5-20-2014 8-41-32 AM

I met her & her husband at the studio and quickly went through our intro session which explained classes, memberships and basics of yoga. The intro class was definitely something I enjoyed and made me feel right at home.  The instructor had a very small class (5 people) we introduced ourselves, provided our yoga knowledge background (does a Bethenny Frankel DVD count?) and express our fitness goals. After the 30 minutes of talking we actually got to try a class and they offer a week for free.

For me I am really wanting something to help me cross train that just doesn’t kill my body.  I used to spend an hour on the elliptical but now it’s just so boring I usually jump off to run or lift. This has lead to my hip hurting 24/7 and my knees feeling like that of a 97 year old woman. Also I am a drama queen I am sure I don’t hurt that bad but it feels like it…

The studio I go to offers different types of classes but I will say my favorite is the Fire class- which is the true hot yoga.  I plan on trying all of them soon! They also offer progression classes which have 2 or 3 classes that are 30 minutes and you can stay for all 3 or end with one.  It’s kinda like the best of  all worlds!

5-22-2014 10-12-58 AM


Let’s talk the pros!

1. It makes me feel like a million dollars when I leave!  Every class I have taken I feel like I could rule the world afterwards- my back & neck don’t hurt and my hips have never felt better.  The class gives time before and after to relax in dim lighting and let stress float away. Overall just a great way to end or start the day!

2. The instructors are very hands on. I mean me personally I wouldn’t want to touch sweaty strangers but they do and help you with form in a personal way that makes even a newbie feel at home.  The poses are explained well and adjustments are made as needed and they know peoples names how cool is that?

3. It’s actually a workout! I really thought on yoga days I would do a small amount at the gym too however I wore my heart rate monitor last week and burned about 560 calories. Maybe I am just out of shape but my legs and arms all seem to get a workout during the class.

4. Yoga can help with running. I will admit it I am not a fast runner- for me it’s about running and having fun! I love that I am competing against myself ever chasing that PR. I was talking with an instructor and she told me one guy shaved 40 minutes off his marathon time- holy wow! Maybe just maybe I could get faster :)

5.  It can grow with me. While I love CrossFit, running and lifting and thing they are all VERY important I am looking for activities I can do my whole life.  Life is changing- I am getting older, my priorities are shifting  & my body isn’t bouncing back as quickly as it once did. I know my fitness goals will change in the future yoga seems to be something I could do at any stage of life!  I want something to balance the hard workouts with good for my body things and I REALLY am needing something to help with stress- right now this seems to do the trick :)

Now that I gave you why I love yoga class let’s talk about some things that have me hung up (there are only two- I really like it!)

1. It’s pricey! For my membership it is $99 a month (a special!)  which is a little much even if I go 5 times a week it’s about 5 bucks a class! It is still a little cheaper than CrossFit but that was one reason I stopped going.  I also went for the biggest membership they had since I can go to any studio in DFW (more on why I did this soon) and D or anyone else can come with me FOR FREE!!  How cool is that?

2. The classes are still group classes. I would love to have my own private yoga teacher and be Madonna it ain’t happening anytime soon.  Yesterday I really wanted to go to a Fire class & get my sweat on however the only one offered was the water class.  I might be a little bit of a diva but sometimes I just want to do the class I want sans schedule! I also have to plan my day to where I can make it to class on time (no late peeps allowed) so I have to make sure I am aware of the time not just show up and get her done like at the gym.  Ok diva rant over. Class is awesome!

5-22-2014 1-12-46 PM

I really have loved getting to try something new and challenging to me.  I have also now developed a fantasy of being a yoga instructor- mostly because I really dig the outfits. <— read I REALLY want to wear workout clothing all day.

If you are still a little shy about trying yoga I suggest reading this post   then just try a class. One class won’t kill ya, I swear!

Thoughts on yoga? 

Love or hate group classes? 


The Weekender- Extended Edition

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

5-20-2014 9-13-54 AM


Our holiday weekend was perfect and I am so thankful to all the men & women who have scarified to make that happen. THANK YOU!!!!!

This weekend was busy but also nice and relaxing (which was VERY much needed).  D worked on Friday then decided since we had a wedding and lots to do around the house he would take Saturday as well- queue happy dance! We were going to have THREE DAYS together!!! I know this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to some this is a rarity for us.

Friday D worked and I met up with two sorority sisters, Courtney & Laura  for dinner and drinks! We went to an amazing restaurant called H&G Supply can I just say holy freakin’ yum! If this place wasn’t like a hour from my house I would eat there weekly- it is a Paleo themed that offers fresh, good food.

5-27-2014 8-31-37 AM

I have become quite the food snob and honestly the cheap stuff just doesn’t do it for me anymore! I ordered the 80/20 burger with a side of fries.  I am craving another one right now just thinking about the bacon spread- yep no mayo just bacon paste?! <—– it sounds weird to but it was the best thing I have tasted in awhile.

5-27-2014 9-06-06 AM


Saturday morning when D got home he asked me on a breakfast date! We are totally keeping the romance alive in this marriage yall :) This is something we used to do when we didn’t get a lot of time together back when we first started dating so it really was fun.  After breakfast we made our weekly trip to The Home Depot- I am pretty sure we single handily keep them in business.  We got a few more containers for my herbs (the are getting so big!) and then a pot for our lemon bush.

D decided that being up for like 20 hours was enough and finally went to bed which gave me the opportunity to hit up the gym and do a leg workout from Bobbi’s Summer Shred (you have 2 days to sign up!).  It was a killer just like all her workouts- however this one looked deceptively easy but I was burning by the end.

After D woke up we decided that since it was a holiday we needed adult beverages to celebrate with- to the new liquor store we went! I guess the county we live in is finally not ‘dry’ anymore cause the booze stores are popping up EVERYWHERE. We went to Total Wine which was ginormous  and really cool. Neither of us are big drinkers but tend to like to have a glass of wine or a beer occasionally.

This place was insane they had so much selection and we might have gone a little crazy in the mix and match section.  You can build your own six-pack which leads to wanting “just 1 to try” of basically everything. Finally D cut me off when I filled my second container- I think this will be my new spot for beer & cider.  The store also had a great selection of wine- I got two bottles based on recommendations from the very knowledgeable staff.
5-27-2014 8-31-50 AM

The names of different beer & wine are hilarious to me! I know its just a marketing thing and I didn’t buy any of these but I was laughing reading all the different ones.

5-27-2014 8-31-58 AM

We decided to be adults and not speed all our money on a booze fest after about an hour! We headed home to plant our newest herb additions  and played around in the garden for a bit.   Neither of us wanted to cook so we ordered a pizza and caught up on the DVR.

Sunday I was supposed to do my “long” run of 3.5 miles however my legs were killin’ when I got up after my leg day the day before <—- no I was not paying attention to my training plan!  So off to yoga I went- saving the run for Monday! I tried the “Earth” class which is a power flow yoga vs the hot yoga.  It was definitely different and I was a little sore from my hard leg day so if felt great to move but my poses were a little shaky since my muscles were so tired!

After a quick shower we headed off to a friends wedding!  The ceremony was beautiful and I am so happy for my friend and her new hubby!

5-27-2014 8-33-16 AM


Wedding festivities complete  we got a nice little thunderstorm which led us to a 3 hour nap.  D was so off on his schedule I am not sure he really even slept that day! I was a zombie all weekend- basically anytime I sat down in a comfortable spot I was asleep in minutes. I even fell asleep in yoga during our 5 minute pre-class relaxation time.

Sunday evening we grilled fajitas and enjoyed a few of our purchases while watching Ride Along and Anchorman 2. Ride Along was funny and Anchorman was boring to me I guess because I fell asleep – D said it was stupid but not awful like we had heard!

Monday was raining and dark so I slept until 7:30 (who am I?)  I got and headed out for a nice 3.5 mile run in the semi- rain! It turned out to be a wonderful run and felt  heavenly in the misty rain.  I came home nice and sweaty my legs feeling so much better.

5-27-2014 10-20-44 AM

We decided to go see the new X-Men movie  Days of Future Past and it was AMAZING! I should have done better but I was so hungry after my run I don’t think I let D have very much popcorn.   I did a quick weekly meal plan then we headed to the grocery store for our weekly grab. D found steaks on sale which determined what we would have for dinner with Caprese Salad, baked potatoes and stir fried okra.

The weekend was busy but also relaxing- I think I could have done about 3 more days at the house. I did get to finish laundry last night :)

5-27-2014 9-36-04 AM


Hope you had an amazing weekend!



Date night & other interesting things…

It’s Friday people!! Who is excited for a three day weekend?! Um this girl right over here :)

While work is always amusing yesterday was one of “those” days where ya just want go get an RV and become a yoga teacher that sells vacuum cleaners or something! AHHHHH the simple life!

5-22-2014 9-29-13 AM

After work I really was planning to get D to go to the gym or hot yoga with me but once I walked through the door I decided we just needed a night of us.  We had to run by the bank and then D wanted to get a new video game- I am pretty sure it  was this one.  Honestly I have no idea if we have a PS3 or 4… it plays my blue-ray so I just role with it!

Since Game stop is right next to a Payless I figured that was a sign I needed a new pair of shoes- right?! I went over and started looking  and actually found these  and loved them! However they didn’t have my size- no worries they are actually online and on sale. Once again apparently the universe is making sure I get these!

5-22-2014 8-33-16 AM


Since we were all shopped out (D gets done with shopping WAY faster than I do)   We went to Logan’s  for a wonderful dinner!

I love how they have peanuts for you to munch on before the food comes!  No picture of my dinner because I was too busy shoveling food in my face to even take a picture- oops. PS it was a really good steak, salad and potato!

5-22-2014 8-29-08 AM

My handsome dinner date :)

5-22-2014 9-30-27 AM

After dinner we went home and all I wanted to do was watch the season finale of Modern Family! For as much as I was done with the whole wedding thing I am strangely really loving other peoples weddings! This show can always make me laugh and honestly it made me feel really lucky that D & I didn’t have any huge “bumps” on our special day!

5-22-2014 8-27-05 AM

After all it is wedding season & I am woman enough to admit I do like the Kardashians (I know, I know eye rolls) and cannot wait for KIMYE’s wedding. <— come on you know that it’s going to be super extravagant and entertaining.

Overall it was a nice night to just hang out and be at home! We have a busy weekend ahead and I am trying to take these moments in when we do have some down time.  I have a nice run planned for today and trying to hopefully make a yoga class!

Of possible interest…

Exercise Changes Everything <—- The sleep quality alone has me hitting the gym!

Skipping the Gym? Do this! 

20% of people over 18 get the recommended amount of exercise - lets do this!

4 questions to ask yourself about what you are eating

Addicted to Diet Soda? <—– I was this person but I am happy to say I only have one every now and then. The less you have them the less you want them AND it has really helped me not be so hungry!

How to sleep better when sharing a bed  <—- While D and a rarely sleep in the same bed (he works nights) when we do I don’t really love it… the first 5 minutes of snuggles are great but then I want to stretch out and Sophie really likes D’s pillow.  I know we are spoiled!

Have an amazing weekend folks!

My Summer Bucket List

Happy belated birthday to my Father in Law- Terry!

We of course couldn’t be with him yesterday so we called and even had the puppies give love via barks!


Yesterday was pretty low key. I had the night to myself and was planning on doing a short run and then hitting up the gym then doing a workout from Summer Shred <—- this is the one starting in June sign up now! However since I am a slacker this happened instead…


5-21-2014 10-44-10 AM He just decided that he wanted to nap on me and I was only too happy to let him and catch up on my DVR shows! The other two of course fell asleep around me and by the time we all decided to get up it was 7:30! I was hungry and decided to have an impromptu rest day.  We made dinner and proceed to do laundry- basically a night of nothing. Be jealous of how cool I am please. 5-21-2014 11-01-03 AM  No judgement on my totally random dinner. These were the things that sounded good and we had in the fridge- I know I am a freak and totally ok with this. :)


I started thinking about the upcoming months and how ready I am to be settled. The past year has been a crazy abet wonderful ride, with Duane breaking his leg, us getting engaged, planning a wedding and finally getting married. I am hoping things will settle down for us and we can not be so jolted around- key word hoping! So since I am hoping for a little summer bliss I thought I would write down a few things I wanted to do Summer 2014.

1. Perot Museum Last year I won tickets to a wine tasting in the museum however it really didn’t give us enough time to play  and really see everything the place had to offer. Many of the attractions were closed for the event and well by the end of the night I couldn’t have learned anything if I even wanted to.  <—- thank goodness for taxis photo (5) 2. Beer Tours & Scotch & Sausage Duane I went to on a tour about 2 years ago for his birthday that was a BLAST! I have since found a couple more breweries that are closer to the house and seem really fun. Most of the tours offer plenty of beer and fun I am thinking of this one and maybe this one.  I posted a picture on Instagram and found Scotch and Sausage when they liked a picture! Since D is on a Scotch kick I figure I would pretend to be an 80 year old man with him at some point this summer.

3. Stockyards Can you believe I have never been to the Stockyards? I guess I am just totally missing out and really want to go this summer (hint hint Mr Ford) I have heard they are very Texan and something that everyone should at least try if they visit Ft. Worth. I really just want to have a day to walk around see things and of course eat a massive steak. I am very motivated to visit places by the food they offer- and no I am not ashamed of this…

5-21-2014 10-19-40 AM

4.  Dallas Zoo We love going to the zoo! I know we are weirdos and go to the zoo without a child but I don’t care. Something about just seeing the animals and walking around taking silly pictures.  I am hoping we can find a weekend to fit this in before it gets too hot but between D’s work schedule and our other obligations we shall see.

5. Dinner Theater Last year for my birthday we did a local dinner theater show and it was a blast! Or maybe it’s because this episode of Bob’s Burgers makes me laugh so hard every time I watch it- I’ve been bitten!!!!! Buzz Buzz!  I really want to go to a murder mystery dinner just because! I try to find silly fun things to do on my birthday so maybe this will be it again! 110 I would love to find a place to do an outdoor movie, maybe some type of festival or just other random things to try! What are you looking forward to this summer? Do you love the zoo?  

Bad Workouts

Yesterday was a tough day. One of D’s very good friends had some complications after surgery and we are both so very worried about him.  It is a very difficult situation and my heart hurts for him and his family. I hate seeing my husband upset and so worried! Please keep him and his family in your prayers & thoughts! We greatly appreciate it :)

Since D had to work I decided to go get my nails done since it’s been something that I just love .  The only issue I have with getting my nails done is its SO HARD to pick a color. I never know what I want- Trendy? Classic? Summery? Subtle? Wild?  AHHHHH first world problems!

5-20-2014 8-41-22 AM


The lady that did my nails got busy quickly and since I got into the chair right away I finished earlier than I expected.  I rushed home (obeying all traffic laws of course…) and changed into yoga clothes! I rushed to class and made it just in time to have an hour of hot yoga bliss.

5-20-2014 8-41-32 AM

But that didn’t happen…  now I have only being doing yoga for like a week. I am not a master but do really enjoy it and have felt like I am getting better at the moves! <— I look like a complete dork but feel like I am a yoga master!  Yesterdays class was just well bad . I fell out of poses, my body wouldn’t flex like it had been, I got extra hot, I couldn’t catch my breath and I just kept slipping.

I realized after class that I probably didn’t have my mind focused on yoga class even though I did feel much better after class was completed.  It was a bad workout and guess what I am totally fine with that!  (Now I am not saying you should do anything that would impact your health- it’s important to stick with good form and not push so hard you injure yourself.)

We all have bad workout days where the weights are super heavy and your legs feel like they weigh a million pounds during a run. Then there are others were you feel like you could like Forrest Gump. <—– if this is you please give me your secret :)

5-20-2014 9-26-52 AM

The thing to remember is it’s normal to have bad days and it effects everyone differently.  Yesterday my yoga practice was impacted by me hurrying to get to class the extreme worry about our friend and Duane. My head wasn’t in the game so I finished my class to the best of my ability and just simply moved on. Now part of me (that icky negative Nancy inside) said “Give up on yoga! You are terrible at it why are you even trying this to begin with?! “125% my mental game just wasn’t there- but I decided that one bad class wasn’t going to keep me away from something I really have started to enjoy.

Yesterday was mental but I have had many a times where physically I just couldn’t make my body do anything.

A couple weeks ago I had a busy day and didn’t eat much for lunch because I was lazy and forgot my lunch (not a usually thing I really like food- a lot) . I went to the gym right after work planning to eat a nice meal when my workout was complete!  I got on the treadmill and made it about 20 minutes before I realized this just ain’t happening I need fuel! I settled for another 20 minutes of walking then went home to my dinner.



I think it’s really important to know why your workout didn’t go well.  My bad workouts seem to be more mental but a not so great workout can be something really simple like a diet change, a bad nights sleep or change.I also work really well off of a schedule and if it gets altered too much I can tell that I don’t have as much get up when I workout.

What is a girl to do when a workout goes wrong? I personally like to think about my goals and what I really want to accomplish!  This helps me push through the difficulty and usually end up on the other side smiling and happy! It might be selfish but I constantly remind myself I am a better person if I workout.  That hour a day can really help me keep things in perspective and get me back on track.

Since I started watching Naked & Afraid realized that in the event of  a disaster I am quite ill equipped to hand the situation…. working out makes me think I would at least be second to die. <—– or at least keep Duane company for a couple weeks until I do finally die. heheh

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 What do you do to help bad workouts? 

Favorite way to get out of a workout funk?