Garden Party

When Duane and I started dating I was sorta homeless. I think all college kids feel that way! I have always lived in a house with a yard (I’m a lucky lucky girl) so when we go together I started planning how I could use his yard!

My dad was a farmer for years and we always had a huge garden! My mother would can food and we rarely ate anything that wasn’t home grown. (Aka my mom was super awesome).

I really wanted a garden of my own to use for just us two! Due to my job and horrendous travel schedule I was gone May-August the past 2 years. We were all set to plant it last year & have D take care of it when I was gone. Then he broke his leg. Whomp whomp no garden!

This year I was determined travel or not! (Manila for 2 weeks!) I was getting my veggies in the ground!

D my super handyman built me a wonderful garden.

He built me a box and even a sprinkler system so I don’t have to worry about watering!

We even had to build a fence to keep this little cutie off. He was SO SO interested in what we were doing.

See the dirty on his nose? Yeah he wouldn’t stop eating the dirty. What a weirdo.

It took is pretty much all day to complete with a few trips to Home Depot! I also got side tracked and got a few flowers for pots and the front yard.

I love my new garden and plan on sharing lots of new recipes with the fresh veggies we get from it this summer!

We planted:


The herbs will be grown in separate pots! I can’t fit them in my garden right now. I also bought seeds for lettuce and spinach which I will have seedlings hopefully soon!

Look for more gardening tips & tricks coming soon. My goal is to make sure we don’t use chemicals!

I’m off for a run and hopefully a nice stretch. I got shots for travel yesterday and am achy!

29 TMI Questions

So I have seen this on a few blogs and LOVED it!  I think its so cute getting to know little things about people so here is my TMI!

1. What are you wearing?

A tank top and my favorite Under Armor pants.

2. Ever been in love?


blog 017

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

yes, my college boyfriend & I didn’t part ways very well…

4. How tall are you?

5’ 3″

5. How much do you weigh?


6. Any tattoos?

Not yet…. this is changing as soon as I am not planning to be in another country! Don’t tell my mother!

7. Any piercings?

Just my ears!

8. Favorite song?

This is hard! I would say “Then” by Brad Paisley it was the first dance at our wedding!


9. Quality you look for in a partner?

Sense of humor and loyalty. Lucky I got both :)

10. Favorite quote?

Wow! This is hard but one I have loved lately is this:

Things could always be worse; for instance, you could be ugly and work in the Post Office.
Adrienne E. Gusoff

(No offense to anyone that works in the Post Office, its been a rough two weeks! )

11. Favorite actor?

Sandra Bullock

12. Loud music or soft?

Workout/Dance: Loud

Anything else: soft- I like to get to talk to people!

13. Where do you go when you’re sad?

My parents house! It’s totally comfort to be at home & have an escape. I also love our back yard to just relax and breath.

14. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Around 30 minutes but reality is more like 45 minutes or a hour… I get constantly interrupted by this dude and it is hard to get ready fast if he is out!  He is I guess training me for a child one day!


15. Ever been in a physical fight?

Ummmm NO! And it’s a huge joke at work.  I did punch & bite a lady when I was three for hurting Mallory (my sister). Does that count?

16. Turn on?

Being clean, funny, genuine nice guy. hardworker

17. Turn off?

Know it all, rude or cruel

18. Fears?

HEIGHTS! Holy crap HEIGHTS!!! Seriously I get sick thinking about them.

19. Last thing that made you cry?

When I was told I have to go to Manila alone. I am freaked out and I have to miss something for my sisters wedding. Full breakdown.

20. Last time you said you loved someone?

Just now when Duane brought me a glass of wine. He is a keeper!

21. Meaning behind your YouTube Name?

Don’t have one… I don’t think.

22. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

My Dad! I was asking gardening questions (post coming soon!)

23. Favorite food?

Chips & Salsa. I could eat it EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!

24. Place you want to visit?

I really want to do New York and I would like to have Disney trip with just D! I also would love a trip to Italy.

25. Do you have a crush?

Yep- I still have total crush on my husband!!

26. Last time you kissed someone?

After lunch I told D thanks and planted one on him! (Feeding me gets affection!)

27. Last time you were insulted?

At work and we shall leave it at that but honestly I hate people that think they know everything!

28. Favorite piece of jewelry?

My engagement ring! It’s such a special piece to me and D! Second my Aggie Ring

29. Who should answer these questions next?



We Got Married

So we did it! Officially married on 3/29/14!

I cannot describe how loved & blessed I felt on that day. Of course we had a great time and lots of happiness.

Overall the day we easy! We had rehearsal dinner that night and maybe one too many beers.

I kissed my groom and crashed into bed!

Make-up & hair started bright & early! My girls were freaking amazing and looked like models. I also loved Nicole & her husband who were the make-up/hair people. Seriously if you are getting married in DFW let me know you need this girl!

My hair was perfect & my make-up even better. I honestly felt just like it was enough to make me look nice but also not too much! I wanted to look like me that day!

After H & M we proceeded to the venue to get dressed!

My biggest thought was ‘OMG it’s happening so FAST. I’m in my dress, everyone is here… I just want to enjoy the moment.’

One of My favorite part of the day was our first look moment. It was just us and it was amazing! My groom looked so good & I couldn’t believe it was finally here!

We then well got married!!

And my dad made me cry so hard in his speech. Seriously the man had everyone in tears with his sweet words! I am one lucky girl!!!

Then we partied!

So a little fact about your own wedding… You really can’t drink that much! I didn’t have much at all and we wanted to get our party on! D & I convinced our driver to stop at a 7-11 and get beer. Talk about class! So if you see a bride & groom picture there it’s us. People thought it was hilarious.

We made it to our hotel had a few drinks and …. Met like 87 people. Turns out people get really excited about weddings and wedding dresses spark conversations!

We even met and editor of Bride Guide!

Overall we had an amazing night!

Seriously I couldn’t have had a better day!!

Day light savings has made me think I’m doing a good job…I’m not!

I’m amazingly awesome! So when I got in my car to come to work the other morning I was SUPER proud. Look at me rolling in before
7 am…


Except it was really 7:48. I am not doing good- I just don’t know how to change the clock in my car!

We finalized all wedding plans this week! Now on to the little things. My mom has been sending me pictures of cute stuff she is doing to make it look perfect. Seriously I would be lost if she wasn’t around.

I spent the better part of my day at the dealership getting my car worked on! It has to go back next week :( The good news is I have read everything about the disappearing jet liner. Some of these ideas are insane. I am deeply saddened by all those lost on board!

D is working his last pop this weekend before the wedding. So I am planning to get caught up on a few things I have been neglecting. Like the gym… And laundry.

I also have a list of wedding things to accomplish. I am like 2 weeks whaaaaaatttt.


I have loved getting to plan our big day but I am at the point of I want it to be here & participate.

Hopefully my car will come soon & I can be a cool kid that hit the gym Friday night!

monday moments…a look back

Duane and I are getting married in less than a month! I am so very excited to marry him and cannot wait to start another chapter of our lives together. I wanted to highlight a few of our favorite memories over the past 3 years!

 Our First Trip Together 



The first time we went to Corpus Christi. We had been dating about 3 months and he convinced me to come spend 3 days with his parents. I guess I really liked him since looking back that seems like an awful idea. Meeting parents should be a couple hour dinner NOT a 3 day weekend! Thank goodness they are awesome and we had a great trip! I loved getting to spend  16 hours in the car with him & we really got to see if we liked each other (we did).  I am pretty sure this is when I knew I loved him!

 Getting Sophia (and having Bogey & Arnold)

iphone2 021


We got Sophie! I loved my other two boys so much and they made me want my own little baby. D got her for me on our second Christmas and she is the best! The boys have brought us so much happiness as well- I can’t leave them out!


They all love each other! I can’t believe how small Bogey is there!

Our First ‘Real’ Vacation


Taos! Oh my goodness we had so much fun on this trip! We still talk about it all the time- it was our first “real” vacation together. We also spent a TON of time driving there and successfully didn’t murder each other.  Each day we did something new and really took time without our home distractions. I have a goal of every year getting at least a weekend with just D.

 Getting Engaged



We got engaged! I mean how could I leave this one out? I was shocked and so happy that night- I still think about that night. It was perfect for us and I cannot wait for our wedding in just a few short weeks. I just don’t know how I could ask for anything more :)

Our Roller Coaster


We survived this roller coaster. (I hate them due to the height thing). We have survived 4 job role changes, 3 moves, new grass, 3 dogs, countless flights (almost dying) and 1 broken leg. Just to name a few! I know we are going to have challenges but having a partner that will ride with you makes life so much more fun! I can’t wait for our future and all of its good things!


Thundersnow & Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Today we had a massive Thundersnow— yeah that is a thing! Apparently it can ice/snow and thunder at the same time. It was totally freaky and weird. I sent D off into the unknown hoping it wasn’t the end of the world and just ya know global warming.

I was planning to head to the gym and get my sweat on! D called once he got to work and told me the roads were bad…bummer. So I got on the bike and rode 8 miles then did this bridal arm workout! I stole pieces of this from somewhere (random pintrest find) but I tweaked it!

Bridal Arm workout


Then I got busy trying to get myself together…

I have been having hair issues- seriously its bad. I am going to blame it on the weather since I feel like that has made it confused. I really need it cut & dyed but I am cheap and waiting until the week before the wedding. I decided to try out coconut oil on it!

I grab my trusty friend from the kitchen and scooped it into a little bag. I didn’t want to cross contaminate with something I eat.


I had dry hair and just plopped a ton of it on my hair. Then left it on for about 30 minutes.



I read that having a shower cap on and adding heat would help it “soak” in a little more. I of course do not own a shower cap so I was very resourceful and used this…

027I know genius! I wrapped my head and jumped into the shower. The steam was just the heat I needed to add for the oil to work well.



My hair feels amazing and looks great! This has nothing other than me blow drying it for a few minutes. I am hoping my curls are happy with the new process.

photo (62)

There ya have it! I am off to have a glass of wine & watch the Oscars.

happy sunday :)


Biting the Bullet

The weekend we had a fairly open schedule (which never happens) but D and I found plenty to keep us going!

Friday we did a night of games & fun! We went to Main Event and had a blast!


Saturday D wanted to try out the pool at our new gym! We swam for about 45 minutes and spent a good amount of time in the steam room. Steam room = heaven. It really helped with my allergies!

We met my boss & his family for lunch. His dad is marrying us so we wanted to plan out that a bit! I feel like things are falling into place!

Today we were planning on going to see Robo Cop… For some reason we didn’t make it! This morning I just felt blah. Not sure what is up but I am in a major funk- it’s driving me nuts!

So we got coffee then I headed to my favorite place to get my nails done!

This is going to be my new spurge each month- I LOVE having them done and it’s only 25 bucks so I’m going every couple of weeks!


I came home starving so we went & got wings and beer.


I needed that beer!

We then ventured to our favorite store Best Buy! Not sure why we are so addicted to toys but it seems like we come out of there with something!

D added to our already HUGE movie collection…


I finally bit the bullet and bought me jaybird headphones. They weren’t cheap but I have been wanting them for about 6 months. I figure they will help me rock my last few weeks of wedding workouts!

I haven’t used them yet- I skipped my run today in favor of snuggles in the couch. Full review coming!


Alright I have movies to watch and love to get :)

Super Sunday!

My New Plan for Getting it All Done

When I was younger my mother really messed me up. Like really messed me up. Our house as I remember it was ALWAYS picked up, clean & organized. Seriously I never even remember a dish left in the sink overnight! So as I ventured out on my own I thought ‘hey I got this!’ and I was so so wrong.

In college I only lived in a town home 1 year. I was a tiny bit spoiled dorms had someone come in & clean the bathrooms. Then moved into the AXO House with the same + meals. Aka I had THE LIFE!! In the town home I cleaned my room once a week & we would (occasionally) vacuum the floor in the living room. I mostly ate off paper plates & never cooked just microwaved various things. (So healthy right?!)

Then I moved into my own tiny apartment in 2010. It was cake- I cleaned one time a week and usually spend less than 2 hours on it. Then this little baby came!


She really changed my cleaning. Dog food and hair all over the place! Not to mention potty training!

Then I got a 3 bedroom 3 bath house. Let’s just say it’s kicking my butt!!! How did my mother do it? I ALWAYS have dishes in the sink even though I try to do them right after. I think an elf comes in the middle of the night…and that elf is about to be my husband!

We also have 3 dogs 2 of them are big (over 85 pounds) so we have a lot of dirt & leaves coming in.


Not us!!?! We NEVER make messes!

So after a Saturday of cleaning ALL freaking day I decided I was going to do something different. I love my weekends and want to spend them drinking coffee or going on a bike ride (aka sitting on my booty watching Netflix) NOT cleaning the bathrooms. So I came up with this!


I am going to do a few things on the weekends but I want to have time to play & have fun! When D works weekends I am more likely to have a deep clean project (baseboards, closets, fans) but on weekends he is home I don’t want to clean!

I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and it really has helped me greatly with having some downtime. The key is don’t sit down when you get home :)

I usually come straight from the gym then get to work on it. I’m done by 7 or 8 (depending on what time I got to the gym) then enjoy dinner and crash.

I really like the new schedule but I think it is ok to have a dish in the sink. I would MUCH rather have some time to watch Almost Human with D. Since his schedule with flex each week I do too!

Positive Thursday!


Why I Broke Up with CrossFit (for now)

First let me say this- I still LOVE CrossFit and one day it will come back into my fitness routine but for now I’m doing other things! So here are my reasons for taking a break.

1. Cost

My monthly membership came to renew and every time I would  hesitate to spend $120 dollars a month. I kept thinking “We could use this money for XYZ for the wedding.” I just couldn’t justify spending so much on my fitness each month. If I kept CrossFit I would be right around $175 for the month. Yeah it was just too much for me to justify each month! 

money crossfit

2. We got a new gym membership

D and I like to workout together when we can and he really can’t do CrossFit with his leg still. I missed the gym with him & we FINALLY found a gym that has what we want & isn’t crawling with 8 year olds jumping from treadmill to treadmill.  Yes it was madness trying to run or lift weights!


3. New Goals (or old ones) 

I loved my workouts with CrossFit but I know I need to add more cardio into my life. I want to start running a couple half marathons a year and gasp maybe try a full.  I was only doing CrossFit because I was paying so much I felt I didn’t want to waste the money. I realize I am weird and could go run at night or something but I didn’t.


4. CrossFit Crutch 

I won’t lie CrossFit made me feel like I burned more calories than I actually did. I thought I burned like 800 million calories each workout but in reality it was more like 300-400. Which is great but I was eating like I worked out for 4 hours. Not good. Again this is TOTALLY my fault but still it got me in a bad habit.  Sometimes our mind can be our biggest enemy.


5. I’m a Cat

Here is the thing I like working out alone. Some people are dogs and like the group thing but honestly I don’t want to workout with people most of the time! I will workout with D maybe 1-2 times a week and even then we spend 80% of our workouts apart.  Workouts are my zone out time and relax, I just want to focus on getting it done! My box didn’t have open gym and I think I would have stayed if I could have done a WOD alone and gotten out.  (Now I am planning on teaching group fitness classes but that is totally different I will always want my little alone time though!)


Finally I want to say if you are on the fence about CrossFit TR

Y it. I will be going back for sure (probably after the wedding) and do still love it! I think I am going to look for a new box that has open gym & a little more flexibility.

happy sunday….


Weekly Meal Planning for One & Grilled Sweet Potatoes

This week I sat down to think about what I would cook the nights D was home. I was giving him options and realized that I have stuff to make EVERYTHING I listed for him but had zero plans to make any of it on “alone” nights.

D works nights so I do eat a lot of dinners by myself. Sometimes it works in my favor- I can totally just have cereal and its amazing. However it works against me as well, I tend to grab something on my way home from errands, the gym or work. Now I’m not stopping for a Big Mac usually it’s Chipotle or Jimmy Johns.  So I decided to spend a little time doing my own meal planning.

Here is what I came up with!

Meal Plan for 1 Jan


Of course this is just what I am planning! I am trying really hard not to eat out when it’s just me and save my splurge meal on a night out when I really want something!

If the squash is good I will totally share the recipe.

Next I wanted to tell you to grill your sweet potatoes. It will really be the best thing you ate all day. Just do it- you can thank me later! I melted a little coconut oil, sea salt, garlic and black pepper. Beyond good!



Off to plan weekly workouts now!